Bluesail Costa Brava – One of the most beautiful excursions on the Costa Brava! Enjoy the sun and the sea to your ball, in a magnificent boat with a maximum capacity of 13 passengers, ideal for small groups that do not want to mix with other people.

Bluesail Costa Brava bachelor parties

Bluesail Costa Brava You deserve it!

Bring your own music on your CD, your iPod or your mobile and connect it by USB to the boat crew: you already have the party set up. The outlet also includes drink (cans of soda and beer), although you can take what you want; and also food, with a delicious catering that will allow you to last a few hours.

Guided by the patron, you will discover some of the coolest corners of the coast and you can reach the most hidden coves, where to enjoy a good swim in crystalline waters. And if you like to dive calm: we also wear glasses with tube and fins.

Book your departure, the places are limited and it is easy to run out of place; and do not forget that in addition to the boat excursions Musibodas manages a great variety of services for groups, like transport. lodging, comedy and erotic shows, menus and other activities (you always have to have a plan B) that we can present you in a pack to measure, super well priced and saving you many headaches.

Find out without compromise, we wait for you in Musibodas!

Bluesail Costa Brava