Catamaran Sensation

Lloret de Mar Catamaran Sensation – Of all the boat trips that can be found on the Costa Brava, Sensation is without a doubt the most spectacular. It has a place in an awesome catamaran , the same as in the photos of this same web.

Lloret de Mar Catamaran Sensantion - bachelor parties

Your amazing party on an awesome boat!

There are three boats available, with a maximum capacity of 80, 97 or 125 seats respectively. According to the expected demand, there is one ship or another, but in any case the service is always the same.

We talk about an excursion and fame throughout Europe, three hours and a half duration, which leaves from Lloret de Mar at 11.00h, at 14:30 and some days also at 18:30 (according to the forecast) . The first two exits also pick up passengers in Tossa de Mar, about half an hour later.

The trip is simply wonderful and during the excursion you enjoy one of the most beautiful landscapes of the Mediterranean, plagued by coves and paradisiacal corners, it is only worth it. But also throughout the journey you will have music and animation, a load of the Dj and the staff of the boat.

And to be able to endure a menu (pasta salad, hamburgers and fruit of the time) and 5 drinks per person (beer, soft drinks, water and sangria).

The activity completes a stop: the catamaran anchors so you can take a bath. You will have at your disposal goggles with tube, fins and giant cushions: guaranteed fun, ideal for bachelor parties, company parties or end of course, birthdays, etc …

If this seems like a little, I remember that you can round off the party with endless services for groups, such as accommodation, menus, drinks, comedy and erotic shows, transportation and other activities, you save a past and many headaches.

Find out without compromise and take advantage of our experience to complete a film week. We are waiting for you!

Lloret de Mar Catamaran Sensation